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How To Make A Letterhead

Start by finding out the standard paper size of your country, for example the USA uses letter paper (216 279 mm) while Australia uses A4 paper (210 297 mm).

Create a blank canvas the size of your country's standard paper size in a graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop. On this canvas create the background of the letterhead, it should include your company's contact details and location and any visual elements that you want to include such as a logo. After creating the background it should look something like this -

Letterhead Background

You may now decide to send the letterhead to a printing company such as VistaPrint. Once your printed letterheads are delivered, you can put them in your printer and print letters onto them.

If you would prefer to print them yourself you can do so in one of two ways; print them yourself in the same fashion as a printing company then put them in your printer, or import the background into a word document and put a text-box on top of the background image. Write your letter on top of the background image them print both the background image and letter at the same time.

Which ever way you choose to have your letterheads printed, the final letter should look something like this

Letterhead Letter

If you would prefer to download a letterhead template instead of create one yourself, you can browse our letterhead templates here.
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