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Letterhead Templates

Following are our free Letterhead Templates that you can download, customize and print. The Letterhead Templates are provided in Microsoft Word (.doc) format and an additional Photoshop (.psd) file is included for more advanced users. To browse more letterhead templates, check out Business Letterhead Templates.

Letterhead templates give your business the opportunity to convey a personalized statement about who you are and what you do. A letterhead normally consists of a name, address and design, but is not limited to just these types. We offer a variety of letterhead templates that will provide you with an easy, straight-forward way of giving your company documents a professional look.

When choosing letterhead you may want to consider the use of the paper. If it will be used for sales work, or if it will be used primarily for giving in office documents a more formal appearance. If our letterhead templates aren't what you were looking for, you can choose letterhead templates that are custom made for you by clicking the links on the right side of the page.

The letterhead examples you can see below are made using our free letterhead templates, click one to get the template in .doc format.

Airline LetterheadArtistic LetterheadChristmas LetterheadClean LetterheadColor LetterheadCurved LetterheadEnvironmental Letterhead
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